What is laser treatment and are its advantages?

The carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) is an artificially generated light that is applied with utmost precision, both for incisions and coagulation. As all of its rays are the same colour and move in the same direction in parallel, the laser is able to concentrate all of its energy on a single point. It acts like a scalpel that is “made of light”.

Advantages of laser treatment in ENT (otolaryngology)

  • avoids or reduces the length of hospital admission
  • minimises the risk of surgical damage
  • minimises the risk of a bleed during surgery
  • avoids or reduces post-operative pain
  • speeds up the healing process

What are the applications of laser treatment in ENT (otolaryngology)?

Laser treatment can be applied in the treatment of:

  • snoring in children with/without sleep apnoea
  • snoring in adults with/without sleep apnoea
  • nasal obstruction
  • cancer of the larynx (voice box)
  • halitosis (bad breath)

At the Jordi Coromina ENT Clinic of the Teknon Medical Centre we have available the cutting-edge technology needed to use the CO2 laser in the different areas comprising otolaryngology.

Below we will explain how laser treatment is performed in each of the following cases:

Reduction of tonsils by laser

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