More than 25% of the population suffers from bad breath, a condition that has considerable psycho-social impact, affecting sufferers’ social, personal and professional relationships. It can even lead to social withdrawal as a result of the insecurity and rejection associated with the condition.

Bad breath can have over 80 different causes and can also be a sign of an underlying disease. This is why the problem must be addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective. The Teknon Centre’s Halitosis Unit is run by a highly qualified multidisciplinary team specialising in a wide range of different fields (ENT (otorhinolaryngology), gastroenterology, rhinolaryngology, internal medicine, etc.) brought together to form a single entity dedicated to the most comprehensive study of halitosis and therefore the most effective treatment.

The Teknon Centre’s Halitosis Unit is led by two halitosis specialists: Doctor Jonas Nunes, Director of the Breath Institute and Head of the Halitosis Unit, and Doctor Jordi Coromina, Director of the ENT Unit and Co-director of the Halitosis Unit.


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