Otorhinolaryngology Centre in Barcelona

The Coromina ENT Clinic is an internationally renowned specialist centre. It uses the latest technology in the sector for the effective patient diagnosis and treatment and works with a diverse team of professionals.

Dr Jordi Coromina’s Centre is currently part of the Teknon Medical Centre, of the Quirón Hospital Group, and is a Specialist ENT Unit. The Teknon Medical Centre, leader in the Spanish private health sector, is founded on excellent medical treatment, personalised care and the use of the latest technologies.

The centre is located on the third floor of Consultorios Vilana in the Teknon Medical Centre in Barcelona. The premises have 8 consulting rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology for the best anatomical examination and most accurate diagnosis the patient’s, 3 sound-proof audiology rooms where audiometric testing, impedancemetries and child hearing tests can be performed.

Opening hours and Customer service

Teknon Medical Centre
Consultorios Vilana (despacho 193 – planta 3) – Vilana, 12 – 08022 Barcelona

Monday to Friday08:00am - 08:00pm